Tim Harper

BASI Qualified Ski Instructor

Tim-HarperTim Harper is an experienced BASI Qualified Ski Instructor, as well as a fully qualified Austrian Anwarter Prufung Ski Instructor.

He was already in his forties when skiing came into his life, after a group of friends invited him to join them on a skiing holiday. Having had no previous experience of the sport other than learning to ‘snowplough’ on a dry slope in the UK, he decided to tag along to make the most of the Apres Ski and enjoy the social, rather than the sporting side of the holiday. Believing that he could enjoy himself just as much as his more sporting friends.

Finding himself alone and bored as his friends took to the slopes, he decided that he too would head out and see what this skiing thing was all about. Rather than take lessons he decided he would go it alone, something now he sees as being a mistake. However, after a couple of days he found he was able to navigate the resorts blue runs without injuring himself, though his technique left a lot to be desired. He was part way down one of these blue runs when he had a moment of absolute clarity. It was the sound of the skis gliding over the crisp, fresh snow combined with the effect of the sun glinting off the fine spray that was thrown up as he turned that had him hooked, and skiing became a passion. It is now a passion that he shares with his children as they too take to the slopes alongside their father.

Not having lessons meant that he developed lots of bad habits which impacted on his technique. Something he realised all too well after watching a professional instructor glide down a red run. This unknown skiing professional was creating perfect tracks and making the whole thing look easy, almost as though he had been born with skis on his feet; a far cry from the ugly technique he had developed by teaching himself. Sitting in a ski lift with his sons who were also watching this incredible skiing God in total awe, made him determined that he would become just as good, so that to him skiing would become as natural as walking.

Once home in the UK he started the journey to become a qualified ski instructor. With a great deal of determination and perseverance he developed and honed his own technique. Taking it to the point where he too attracted the attention of others when he skied, this time for the style and grace that he showed as he took even the hardest runs with ease.

Tim is proof positive that anyone can learn to ski at practically any age. He never started skiing until he was in his forties, and he strongly believes that anyone can become a great skier with the right guidance and instruction. So take up skiing, give it a go, it could be the best thing you will ever do.