Exclusive Members Club

The new http://www.livetoski.co/ Exclusive Members Club is coming soon.

It is due to launch at the end of October.  Click here to register your interest http://www.livetoski.co/launchingsoon

This Exclusive Members Club is for the discerning Skier who is always looking to improve their Skiing and performance.

Each member will have access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the Ski industry.

Firstly your membership will give you free access to the http://www.livetoski.co/ online Ski coaching series.

This is a series of online downloadable instruction videos in all areas of Skiing.

So no matter what level of Skier you are these videos will improve your Skiing performance.  All through the Exclusive Members Club.

Also you will enjoy discounted prices on selected suppliers of top Products and Services directly through the members area.

Among the list are Holiday companies, Luxury Chalet companies, Transfer companies operating in the Alps and Product suppliers.  A great reason to become a member of the Exclusive Members Club

There is going to be question and answer sessions with Instructors and Trainers.

If this proves popular enough we may even hold live webinar sessions maybe once a week or so.

There will be a platform where members can buy and sell equipment to each other.

Also as part of the Exclusive Members Club there will be forums where members can post about where they have been Skiing and what they thought and any advice they want to share with the other members and to talk about anything they like.

At http://www.livetoski.co/ we are passionate about helping people to improve their Skiing.  In every way not just with lessons.

That’s why I produced the online coaching series.

And that’s why we are now launching this new Exclusive Members Club.

Our mission is that we can help people in as many ways as possible to enjoy this fantastic sport.