Hey Team #Livetoski

We hope you are all keeping well. So the countdown to Christmas, and more importantly- the ski holiday- is well and truly on! As thrifty shoppers and suckers for a bargain, the Team at LiveToSki wanted to ensure our favourite people (YOU) had access to the best deals and discounts on the market.

We want to ensure we you come to clicking that all important “proceed to checkout” tab on whatever site you end up on that you are getting the true VIP treatment. That way you are laughing all the way to whichever snow covered paradise you choose this season. So, no doubt you have started to think, which resort takes my fancy this year?- Perhaps you are a dedicated customer to one particular resort or you are chatting with friends and family- either way we can help. The solution is super simple, like crazy simple. All you have to do it join our ever growing nationwide community of ski enthusiasts, just like you, who now have unprecedented access to deals and discounts through LiveToSki.

Our founder and all round top guy, Tim, wanted to bring skiers and boarders together to talk about our favorite thing!- SNOWSPORTS. So that’s why we have a great forum in which you can post questions and queries and have access to lots of goodies.

JOIN OUR CLUB TODAY– It costs £1.00 to try it for 2 weeks which in itself is brilliant but let me tell you a little more.

Discounts on the holiday. . . .

By joining today you can get your mitts on discount on brands like Alpine Elements; these guys offer some wonderful winter getaways in the French and Austrian alps, perfect for the family. You can get discount with Mark Warner: Building up to their 40th anniversary, MW are offering some unmissable stuff, if you fancy a News Year’s vacay in Austria, you can get £50 off per person until Nov 15th if you Sign up with us today and get the unique code!- Fancy free ski boot hire, that’s also an option!
We even have deals with Inghams: Inghams are of course one of our nation’s favourite tour operators and you can find more deals for New Years or perhaps you were thinking of going further afield this winter, how bout NORWAY?


Just because we love you guys, for simply reading this blog we are offering you 5% off ski safari, if you fancy heading to the dolomites at any point this season. Just quote “122191” when you check out- the link is here! Just imagine what else we have on our website!

What about deals on clothing and other bits and bobs? Don’t worry, we got that covered too!
We know sometimes insurance can be a bit of a bother but we have sourced an unique offer with ERV insurance experts, if it’s good enough for our very own pal Graham Bell then it’s good enough for us! If you sign up with us, you can have 15% off with them! If you need to get kitted out this season, again, don’t worry- we got your back! Head onto our members site and shop with us at Dare2B and Berghaus to name but 2 brands!


Guess what also, as a little after note, just a little something to keep in mind. . . . We have a code coming soon for SNOW+ROCK! How awesome is that!
So get online, join us, get in touch and remember that we are hear to make sure you have everything you need for an amazing holiday, with friends, family or a secret escape, become part of the Live Ski team!