School ski trips.

La Plagne offers a range of skiing suiting all standards due to it being part of the 425 km Paradiski area.

It has many villages offering a range of hotels/hostels suitable for School ski trips.

Many organisations such as ‘Skibound’ offer affordable packages for school ski trips.

Beginners’ slopes can be found in each of the main villages.

This means complete beginners can enjoy wide runs to learn and practise on.

Beneficial Factors for School ski trips can up-rise from using organisations like as educational enrichments can take place away on the School ski trip.

According  to  the courses meet the demand of providing even more learning opportunities from the School ski trip.

Children gain massively from further education as language skills are developed alongside learning local economy, mountain safety, and local culture. use a programme which enables children to better their PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills).

These include skills such as; Independent enquirers, Creative thinkers, Reflective learners, Team workers, Self-management, Effective participators.

These skills are used ‘across different contexts.’

School ski trips can be an opportunity to enrich pupil’s learning by connecting what happens on their school ski trip with key learning and thinking skills that they have experienced at school.

This shows have considered experiential and non-formal educational learning.

‘Adventure educators and others who use “real-life” experiences as their major teaching or learning tool, often ignore what laboratory learning theorists have discovered.

Not recognising that our carefully programmed outdoor experiences make use of the same principles of learning, but in a different setting.’(Miles and Priest, 1999)

Skibound consider both ‘real-life experiences’ and theoretical learning when implementing learning on their ski holidays.

For example, a child remembering their own helmet, gloves, ski pass, sun cream etc. is a prime example of self-management which is a skill that can be learnt whilst on a school ski trip.

Ensuring the children use self-assessment forms allows the introduction of Reflective learning.

La Plagne would be a new environment for most children meaning a certain relationship is gained with the surroundings.

This relationship can sometimes not be recognised,  ‘facilitators of outdoor education and experiential learning have operated in a bubble unaware or immune to the impact of nature upon human psyche and being.

They have primarily been dislocated from nature, taking photographs of our outdoor experiences, but oblivious to the soulful text of the land.’

This shows Skibound being a very beneficial company as they offer educational learning involving reminders of the surroundings and studies on local culture.