Ski turns technique.

Or making a nice rounded ski turn is all about drawing a big semi circle in the snow. When I am teaching skiers I call it the big letter C shape.

To start with try to find  a nice easy Blue run.  Try to find a part of it that is nice and straight and does not camber off to one side.

Make sure you’re facing straight across the slope.

The phrase, “Ski turns technique” has one letter C in it.

To make a nice rounded Ski turn you are going to draw that big letter C shape in the snow.

So as I said before you start the ski turn facing straight across the slope.  You then you then start to move and keep turning.

Keep turning all the way round until you are facing straight across the slope again but obviously now you are facing in the opposite direction.

A common fault during this ski turns technique is what I call not finishing the turn.  What I mean by that is a lot of people start the new turn before they are facing straight across the slope again.

This means they are facing slightly down the slope in varying degrees which means they are carrying some speed into the next turn and then the next turn and so on.

If you do this you simply get faster and faster.

Finishing the turn or in other words completing the big letter C shape kills off the speed.  Therefore you have control of speed.

A good way to practice this Ski turns technique is to break the big letter C shape down into half a clock face.

So count from one to six as you make the  ski turn.

This will make sure you finish the turn.  Also it will make sure you complete the middle part of the turn.

The middle part is where you are facing down the slope.  A lot of people miss this part out because of the fear of picking up speed.

Be patient and allow it to happen.  As long as you keep drawing the big letter C shape you will slow down and regain control of speed.

You will then be making nice rounded ski turns under control which is a great ski turns technique.