Upper and Lower body separation

This is a technique for the more advanced or expert Skier.

As the title suggests, this is part of the Skiing exercises to do at home series of blogs.  http://www.livetoski.co

First I will talk about the exercise and how to do it at home then I will talk about how to incorporate it into you’re Skiing.

It is a very simple exercise and you start by standing up against a wall with you’re back to the wall.

If you could have a mirror opposite you while you do this exercise then all the better.

Now keeping you’re back pressed flat against the wall step you’re feet round so they are facing to the right at a 90 degree angle to you’re back.

Now step you’re feet all the way round to the left so they are facing to the left at a 90 degree angle to you’re back.

You’re hips should also be facing the front as is you’re back.

A good way to ensure this is to keep you’re bum pressed against the wall as well.

Keep doing this until it becomes easy.  Get it locked into you’re muscle memory.

Do it with you’re family, friends and work colleagues.  Make it a game or a fun thing to see who can do it the best.

As far as Skiing exercises to do at home is concerned it is probably one of the easiest to do.

Now I’m going to talk about how to put it into you’re Skiing.

If you imagine yourself making what we call short radius turns.  (These are the short grip’y turns you would make on a steeper slope)

You’re head and upper body should be facing virtually down hill at all times.

You’re skis and feet and legs are making the turns to the right and to the left.

That is why we do this exercise at home up against a wall so that you can see how it should feel when you are making those type of turns.

There are other exercises you can do while you are Skiing to further improve on this.  Details can be found in the Live to ski coaching series videos on the Website.  http://www.livetoski.co

Do this as much as you can and then try it the next time you hit the slopes.

Happy Skiing.