#LiveToSkiTeam we have a cool opportunity for you to get involved in our most brilliant British institution- Ski Sunday!


Graham Bell is a good friend of the Live To Ski community and that is why we wanted to share some super secret info with our most favourite team- YOU GUYS!

So what do you have to do to get involved?
Well, it’s super simple, all you have to do this ski holiday is take as many pictures and video clips as possible. We want to see, family shots, apres pictures and some images and clips of you showing off to your friends and family. Then upload them to social media, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #SkiSunday!

The first episode of Ski Sunday will be airing 8th January and we want to make sure our #LiveToSki team are the first skiers and snowboarder to be featured in the social media segment on the show.


We would love it if you could start to use our hashtag too, #LiveToSki, we will be following those of you who use our hashtag to repost your images and clips but also to follow, we want to follow all of community members! We want to share info, knowledge, hints and tips!
If you have not yet already joined our members club, it’s really easy to do, just follow this link!


Until next time,

Your #LiveToSkiTeam