The importance of owning your own Ski boots

Your feet, Ski socks and Ski boots can make or break your Ski holiday.

The importance of owning your own Ski boots is essential in my opinion.

A top BASI trainer I know called Duncan Adamson once told me when I asked him about boots.

He said there are only 2 places in the world he would go to have his boots properly fitted by professional boot fitters.

You can find him with this link to his website:

If you have your own properly fitting boots it makes a big difference to your Skiing.

One reason is that anything you do with your foot needs to transfer straight through to the Ski in as short a time as possible.

If your boots are too big there is a delay when you make a turn for instance.  (Due to the fact that as you turn your foot the ski turns a second or so later)

When you do buy your own boots you can measure your own feet first.

The way to do this is to take 2 pieces of A 4 paper.  Stand with your foot on the paper and get a friend to mark your foot at the heel and the toe.  (The longest part of the foot)

Now mark across the widest part of the foot.  This is called the Last.

Do the same with the other foot.  Now you have you’re feet measurements.  (Measure in CM)

When you do buy the boots they will be measured in Mondo size which is the foot length in CM and will also tell you the last.

A good boot fitter will tell you this and do it for you but make sure you have the inner boot heat treated.

And also have foot beds made.

This will ensure that your boots are now custom made to fit your feet.

Do this and you will have happy skiing holidays for a long time to come.

The importance of owning your own ski boots.