It’s almost that time of year again and world-renowned ski resort Courchevel, is getting ready to open its doors for the winter season. With hundreds of runs dedicated to all levels of skiing and snowboarding, this traditional alpine resort is the perfect destination for both beginners and experts. If you’re already starting to feel that irrepressible need to book a week away on the slopes, we’ve put together a few words on our top 5 runs in Courchevel to get you excited.


1. Plan Fontaine

This steady, winding green run is perfect for beginners who are looking to move on from the designated ‘ZEN’ zones that are dotted around the resort. The Plan Fontaine run begins in the Bouc-Blanc area and runs all the way through the picturesque pine tree forest to La Tania, with beautiful views of the Courchevel valley.

2. Biollay Blue

Looking to push yourself further without hitting those red and black runs? Boillay’s blue run is the one for you! Designed for intermediate skiers wanting to branch out, this run is recommended by the locals for its spectacular views and soft snow. Unlike other blue runs, Boillay proves just how accessible Courchevel is to every type of skier. Chris Maher, frequent visitor to the resort and super-fan of Boillay Blue says:

“It’s broad and steady, and you’ll have time and space to relax and find your rhythm.”


3. Pic Bleu

Slightly more fast-paced than the Boillay blue, Pic Bleu is another fantastic run suited to the needs of both the advanced and intermediate skier. If you’re looking to get that extra bit of confidence on the slopes without pushing yourself too far, this run marries the combination of thrill and ease to get you going. Pic Bleu is also great for the more experienced of the bunch, offering a fast-paced descent without the intensity of a black run, to ease you into a long day of skiing.

4. Creux

If you’re an early riser, you NEED to check out the Creux red run. Although this run can become busy at later times in the day (a result of its easy accessibility) if you can get here before the crowds appear you’re in for a treat. This run is ideal for that all-important, high-speed wake-up lap in the morning and with breathtaking mountain views, what’s not to love?

5. Grand Couloir

Here we go pros – this one’s for you! This steep black run, which makes up a third of the renowned trio of Couloirs, is the widest and easiest of the three. Although the entrance to this run is infamous for its terror-inducing moguls and sheer drops either side of the ridge, once the piste opens it quickly transforms into one of the most glorious runs in the whole resort.

Where Will You Stay in Courchevel?

So now you know which slopes you’re going to hit, it’s time to think about your accommodation. Relax in luxury after a long day of powder with a 5 star luxury chalet. Find out more and book your stay in Courchevel here.

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