Zillertal Valley Ski area.


The next area to look at in the Zillertal Valley Ski area is,  “Zell am Ziller”.

This area is probably my favorite ski resort in the whole of the Zillertal Valley Ski area.

It is part of what is called,  “Zillertal Arena”

It is probably not suitable if you are a complete beginner as it has a large concentration of red runs.

However there are the beginner blue runs number 12 which are accessible via the Cable car from the right hand side of the car park called,  “Rosenalmbahn”.

Apart from that there is only one other blue run number 16 which is over on the right hand side of the area near the Action Park.

The Action Park has ski jumps and kickers and lots more to play on including a straight down speed check and a slalom course both of which you are being filmed on.  The film is downloadable afterwards.

I like to take the cable car to the left of the car park first thing in the morning which is called, “Karspitzbahn”

Go all the way to the top, turn immediate right out of the cable car and do red run number 18 back to the middle station.  This run is absolutely fantastic and I promise you, you will want to do it again.

I often do it 2 or 3 times first thing in the morning.  It is probably my favorite run in the Zillertal Valley Ski area.  I carve virtually all the way down.

About half way down there is a restaurant called, “Schnitzelhutte” if you need a coffee or something stronger before moving on.

Once you have finished on there go back up the cable car again (Karspitzbahn) and turn left.

This brings you onto another red, number 14 a and then links to 14.  Keep left all the way and you will end up at a chair lift called, “Karspitz-X-Press”

From here you can access red runs numbers 13, 14, 15 and 19.  These runs are all in the middle of the ski area.

In between these runs there is some great off Piste areas to practice more safely on.  (The reason I call it safe is because you are never very far from a groomed run.)

Going over to the left hand side of the area there is a great restaurant called, “Arena Stadl” It is at an altitude of 2408 m and has some breathtaking views.

From above here there is a link to the rest of the Zillertal Arena via a lift called, “Krimml-X-Press”

Going down from this restaurant you have access to red runs numbers, 19, 19 c and 20.

Red run number 19 c is the well known “White Carpet” run.

This run gets its name from being freshly groomed at midday 3 times a week during January and February.

It is groomed Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 12 till 1 pm.

All in all this is a fantastic ski resort in the Zillertal Valley Ski area which is best suited to progressive intermediate/advanced skiers looking for some challenging fun.