Zillertal Valley Ski area.


The last area in the Zillertal Valley Ski area is,  “Hintertux Glacier”

This is fabulous skiing for advanced skiers and above. There are also runs for intermediate skiers.

At the end of the winter Ski season usually in April there is a large number of training courses taking place for us instructors.

I have been there myself on various courses.  These BASI courses.  (British Association of Snow Sport Instructors).

From the main lift station at the bottom you take the first cable car which takes you to an altitude of 2100 m.

Here there is an excellent restaurant called, “Sommerbergalm”  Also there is a Ski shop and an Apres bar.

From here there is a chair lift and a drag lift which serve Blue runs numbers, 15, 16, 17 and Red 17 a which are over to the lower right of the area.

From Blue 17 you can pick up Run number 1 which takes you all the way to the bottom when conditions are permitting.

Once you have done those you take the next cable car which takes you to an altitude of 2660 m.

Here there is a restaurant called,  “Tuxer Fernerhaus”  This is the restaurant we use when we are training.  I have grilled chicken and salad for lunch every single day.  Its fantastic.  In my opinion the best grilled chicken any where in the Zillertal Valley Ski area.

There are 3 Red runs numbers 2 and 2 a which take you down to “sommerbergalm” again.

To go higher there are 2 cable cars.  The first one is called,  “Gefrorene Wand”  which translated means,  “Frozen Wall”

I recommend taking the far one called,  “Gletscherbus 3”  This takes you to a view area at an altitude of 3250 m.  The highest point in the Zillertal Valley Ski area.

It is just incredible.  Awe inspiring.  You feel like you are on top of the world.  You have a 360 degree view of the mountain ranges all the way round and you are higher up than the majority of them.

It is one of my favorite places in the world to be!

From here you have access to all the runs at the high end of the area.

There are a couple of Black runs as well as around 10 Reds including Red run 5 which goes down the other side of the mountain and 6 Blues.  The Blues are great for practicing Carving on.

Overall this is a fantastic resort at the far end of the Zillertal Valley Ski area.  The lifts are mainly T bar drag lifts as they have to keep moving them due to being on a Glacier.