Zillertal Valley ski area.


In the last two posts about resorts in the Zillertal Valley ski area we have looked at Fugen and Hoch Fugen.

The next resort is Kaltenbach.  Kaltenbach is linked with Hoch Fugen.

Kaltenbach has lots to offer including great skiing for all levels of skier and great restaurants and great views.

If you’re coming from Hoch Fugen you first take red run no. 13.

A little way down you will come across a restaurant called, “Weidelhutte”  The views from here across the Zillertal Valley Ski area are great and their Apple Strudel is to die for.

From here you can take red run 13 or black run 13.  They both end up at the same place.  At the bottom there are 2 chair lifts.

One takes you back to Hoch Fugen and the other to Kaltenbach.  The lift to Kaltenbach is called, “Topjet”.  From here if you take red run no. 5.  About half way down you will cross over a blue run called, “Z run”.

Now you are virtually smack in the middle of the Kaltenbach resort.

The blue Z run goes all the way across the resort from the left all the way down to the right.

Right over on the far right of the resort at the top there is a restaurant called, “Kristalhutte”

It is a fabulous place with fabulous views over the Zillertal Valley ski area.

It has glass covered balcony’s with soft sofas which you can lie on.

Inside there is a large open fire with seats all the way round.  And the food is excellent.

The quality of the place and the views and the food are however reflected in the price.

There are plenty of red and black runs for advanced/expert skiers and there is a fun park to play on in between black 16 and red 7.

For beginners/intermediate skiers you can use the blue Z run and pick out the blue runs all over the resort from here.

I have recommended 2 of the restaurants but there are 9 in total and they are all good.

All in all this is a great resort in the Zillertal Valley ski area and I would recommend it for all levels of skiers.