Zillertal Valley ski area.


Mayrhofen is a very busy resort in the Zillertal Valley Ski area.

It is very popular with British skiers due to it being promoted by the British Ski Holiday company’s.

I would recommend you to be at least at intermediate ski level to ski this area.  (Be under control on Red runs)

It is widely published in their Ski holiday brochures.

It is arguably the largest of all the resorts in the Zillertal Valley Ski area.

There are 3 different lifts up to the main ski area.

The first one as you are driving along the valley is from a Village called, “Hippach”

I prefer to access the ski area from here as it is usually a little less busy.  The lift from here is called,  “Horbergbahn”

From this lift if you then go up a lift called,  “Shneekar”

From here you can access Red run 27 which is great to do early morning.  Also Black run 17 which again is best early to mid morning.

Intermediate skiers can take Blue run 7a.  A little more challenging is Red run 7.

These 4 runs are on the Horberg mountain which has an altitude of 2278 m. and is on the far right of the ski area.

You can access the rest of the ski area from here which is mostly on the Rastkogel mountain.

Or if you prefer you can go to the next lift along the valley which is in the centre of Mayrhofen Town.  The lift is called,  “Penkenbahn”

From here you can access all the runs in the centre of the area.

One such run is the infamous Black 18.  Called,  “Harakiri”  This is the steepest run in the Zillertal Valley ski area and apparently is the steepest run in Austria!  Only open to advanced and expert skiers.

Even after a lot of snow fall the run is still icy as the snow simply slides off it most of the time.  There is a chair lift called,  “Nordhangbahn” from which you can see the Harakiri across to the left and it doesn’t look that bad.

But believe me it is very steep when you are on it!

When you get off the lift called,  “Nordangbahn” you are at a central area where there are a number of Restaurants.  Also a Ski School meeting point and view point.

From here you can get some fantastic pictures across the Zillertal Valley ski area.  And up towards Hintertux Glacier which I will cover in a later post.

My favorite Restaurant in this central area is called,  “Christa’s skialm”  They do some of the best spit roasted half chicken in the Zillertal Valley Ski area.

After lunch if you head down Red run 15 and turn left onto 15 a and keep left all the way it will bring you to a big cable car called,  “150 er Tux”  so named as it takes 150 people at a time.  I’m told it has been used in films.

From here you can access all the runs at the top and top left of the ski area.

This mountain is called,  “Rastkogel”  and is at an altitude of 2500 m.

Further along the valley you come to a village called,  “Finkenberg”

This is where the third lift called,  “Finkenberger Almbahn”  This lift takes you directly to the central area that I mentioned earlier.

Going back to the centre of Mayrhofen there is another lift called,  “Ahornbahn” which takes you up the Ahorn Mountain at an altitude of 1965 m.

It is a small area with mainly Blue runs and a couple of Red runs.

One of these reds is quite a long run which takes you all the way back to the lift in Mayrhofen.